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First 1000 Days of Life Workshop

First 1000 Days of Life Workshop


Wednsesday 8 february 9 - 11 AM

Price €40

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Limited places, kids are always welcome to join.

What to expect

To all new mums / dads and those to be, the workshop ‘the First 1000 days of life’ draws attention to the importance of this period, because during this time the fertilised egg cell develops into a complete human being, making it the foundation of the rest of your baby’s life.

During this workshop we will focus particularly on the growth and development of your baby’s brain, for a healthy mind-body start that lasts throughout life. We will discuss the following subjects, including real life examples and exchange of practical tips on how to deal with situations you may encounter:

- Body-mind wellbeing before conception
- Nutritional relevance during pregnancy
- Importance of management of your energy, emotions, thoughts, and behaviours with your baby (regulation / co-regulation)
- Effects of stress and trauma on development
- Your baby’s nutrition after birth until 2 years old

This workshop is held in English by Juglans, Mind Body Coaching for Internationals, consisting of Veronica and Broes. Veronica is a transactional analysis, trauma, life and family coach, and Broes is a certified nutrition and health coach.
We coach expats and their families, and have 20+ years of experience as expats ourselves, so we understand the needs of internationals and their families. Our coaching is complementary, Veronica focuses on the mental wellbeing which is inherently connected to the body, and Broes focuses on the physical wellbeing which has a big impact on the mind as well. In return, both lead to better performance and enjoyment of life.
About us: 
Veronica Sartori
Veronica is a life coach focused on expats and internationals.
She is trained in Transactional Analysis, trauma and embodied coaching.
Broes van Iterson
Broes is a health and nutrition coach working with internationals and expats.
She is using an integrated coaching approach to nourish your body and mind.
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